WBN Bitcoin Price Model

Mission Impossible: Modeling a market price. This is a Simple Linear Model - Alpha Version - For Education Purposes Only

Total Bitcoins: {{(numBTCs/1e6) | number:2}} Million              Current Price: $ {{bitPrice}}Market Cap: $ {{(numBTCs * bitPrice/1e9) | number:2}} Billion

Mined bitcoins are less than lost bitcoins

WBN Model Price - Bitcoin

Key Markets Where Bitcoin Can Grow     Total Market Size: ${{(AllMarkets2/1e9) | number:2}} billion

{{slider.title}}Market: ${{NumberWithCommas(slider.scalar/1e9)}} Billion {{slider.min}} max {{slider.max}}{{slider.type}}   {{slider.num}} {{slider.type}} ${{((slider.value * slider.max / 10000) * (slider.scalar)/1e9) | number:0}} Billion
Add Market  Market Title          Market Size (Billions)   $
Other big markets: Hedge Funds $2.5 trillion, $15 trillion offshore deposits, $2 trillion electronic payments, $2+ trillion annual brick & mortar merchant market, etc.

Important Variables         Total Coins (Mined-Lost): {{ TotNumCoins/1e6 | number:2}} million

{{slider.title}} {{slider.min}} max {{slider.max}}   {{determineMe($index)}} {{slider.type}}
Add Variable  Variable Title          Max Effect (Percentage)   %

Things to consider/include for an improved model:
Linearity is often the worst way to model natural events. Things like Velocity and Number of Coins should be modeled with logarithms.
Other important things to consider: Bitcoin demand as might be conceived via Metcalfe's law;
Volume; Loans; Trading Frequency; Improved wallets; 51% Attack Protection; Investment in Bitcoin Companies; Taxation; Use in Smart Contracts;
Improvements in Put and Buy Options; Counting accounts of Wallets etc; etc. Email us at worldbitcoinnetwork@gmail.com
All of them can be added easily in the code by adding new lines in the json scopes.

A WBN Production - World Bitcoin Network 2014 - Link to original video